Thanks for stopping by. Read below to learn more about myself and my background.

Bo Kern in black and white


Early on, I developed a passion for technology and began programming. During my high school years, I decided to deepen my knowledge in the natural sciences alongside taking computer science as a major subject. I chose to study Biotechnology as my field of specialization, viewing the university as the ideal place for further growth in this area. I expanded my computer science skills through personal projects and self-study. Throughout my Bachelor's, I successfully applied my computer science expertise in various research groups and personal projects.

Over the past few years, particularly during my study abroad semester in Finland, I delved deeply into IT security and penetration testing.

I am seeking a new challenge where I can further leverage my skills and collaborate with a team on complex problems. I am highly motivated to learn new concepts and technologies and apply them in practical scenarios. A team-oriented environment in biotechnology is particularly appealing, as it encourages me to learn quickly and substantively.